Meet your new favorite band! A review of “Days Are Gone” by Haim


You know how once or twice a year, you buy an album and instantly fall head over heels for it? It sits in your car’s CD player for months without being removed and somehow sneaks four or five songs onto every new iTunes playlist you create? You know you will eventually move on and find another album to incessantly treat your hearing sense to, but that album will always be a favorite, reminding you of a certain time in your life. A song will start playing and instantly stir up a memory- a perfect night, cruising down the highway and seeing the beauty in the city lights, a nostalgic longing for an old friend or a lost lover. Nothing could better describe Haim’s debute album Days Are Gone.

The album busts right out of the gates with Falling. An echoing drum beat starts the journey, almost reminiscent of an echoing heartbeat. 45 second in, the melody really picks up into a more up-beat, and for lack of a better word, “fun” tempo that really sets up the mood of the album. You know from the first tune that your ears are about to be treated to a really nice experience, something that eclipses the monotony of modern pop, but is unpretentious and enjoyable.

Next come the real highlights of the album- Forever, The Wire, and If I Could Change Your Mind. Forever was the teaser single released in late 2012, over a year before the album’s release. It instantly turned the heads of critics, both amateur and professional, and drew (very warranted) comparisons to Fleetwood Mac. The Wire provides the most technical sounding track on the album- a bassy soft rock anthem that is enough to turn any sour mood upside down. You can just feel how much work went into the process of perfecting the production of the song. My personal favorite is the album’s fourth single, If I Could Change Your Mind. Instead of a description, I’ll let the music speak for itself. Click here to here the song via YouTube.

Part 2 of theĀ Days Are Gone review to follow soon!