Top Ten Travel Bucket List

Like the other 99% of the world’s population, I love to travel. And like 99% of those 99%, I don’t have the money to do it as often I’d like.

A few days ago, as I realized I was pushing thirty years of life and that my time was getting shorter, I realized that barring some extreme change in fortune, I’m likely to never see all the places I want to see before moving on into the afterlife, or reincarnation, or whatever our deaths bring. Considering that I don’t play the lottery, my odds of striking it rich are even slimmer. So I compiled my first top ten Bucket List.

How fun it was! Sitting down and thinking about how I have to hurry and do a set of things before dying. It felt pretty morbid to be honest, and made me wonder why people create these lists, but since I did one, I shall share it with you now. I’ll be doing a few a day, so if you enjoy what you read, subscribe or keep checking back for updates!

10. London, United Kingdom


I’ve already been to London once. You might be asking, why put it on your bucket list if you’ve already done it? Well, to start, I was sixteen on my first visit, which meant that I didn’t get to experience a lot of the things that adult me would have loved to do. I also simply couldn’t even begin to mark off half of the thing on my ‘to-do’ list in a weeks time.

During the first visit, I also visited London like a tourist. Adult me likes to travel, meet strangers, and do things that people who actually live in that city do. I’m not knocking people who travel like tourists. Each to his own, and I’m definitely guilty of sneaking in lots of tourist trap events into my schedule. But I just love spending about half of a vacation in a fantasy land, pretending that I live where in reality I’m just a visitor, and I’m successful with all this money to blow that I’ve saved up for months just for this one week of glory.

But mainly, it stayed in my blood. I don’t know what it was about that city, but even with daily rain, and icy cold rain at that, I felt like I was close to paradise. I loved the pace and culture of the city, and I found the locals I encountered to be lovely, spirited people. Londoners get a bad rap. Or maybe it was just my sparkling personality that brought out their best… (I’m so modest).

First on my list of London to-dos… SOCCER! The beautiful game, the world’s sport, and a passion and hobby of mine. This trip will be planned around around a huge, important match involving my favorite club, Chelsea F.C. playing in the friendly confines of Stamford Bridge Stadium. This dream is ultimately what puts London on the list for a second visit. I would also love to see any of the other major London clubs while visiting- Fulham, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, or mostly Queens Park Rangers.


Next on the list is a ride on the London Eye. I’m not sure why my travel party was so against doing this on the first visit. To me, this is the ultimate London experience. In the course of a single ferris wheel ride, you see an entire city from a unique perspective that is rare to find anywhere else. You can see all your proposed destinations from afar before even getting to them, and imagine the great photos you’ll take from the top to create life long memories with or even display in your home. Plus, I really like ferris wheels. They scare the hell out me, and I love the rush that will come from riding the world’s most famous one.


Lastly, I want to take a day trip and visit Stonehenge. Why? You’re guess is as good as mine. I’m not sure what it is that draws us to a bunch of large stone in the middle of a secluded field, but I want to go see it. The mystery, the marvel, and intrigue. Who knows, maybe I’ll find that one clue that unlocks the mystery šŸ˜‰


Tomorrow I’ll be highlighting numbers eight and nine on my list- Palau and Amsterdam, Netherlands, respectively. 


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